i bought jellies

So if the title alone didn’t give you enough of a clue, I’ll tell ya point blank: recently I purchased a pair of jellies from one of my favorite online shopping sites, ASOS. Call it a revival trend, call it over powering nostalgia… whatever it is, I was compelled to purchase the little guys.

While there’s been lots of positive reception regarding my latest choice in footwear, there is also some confusion by the pile of glitter that guides my step. Interning with a fashion site for six months last semester really highlighted for me the idea that fashion is equal parts exciting and personal. While it seems silly to dedicate an entire post on shoes (but if you peep the photo I’ve included below, maybe you’d beg to differ), I think that this speaks to somewhat of a bigger issue.   The clothes we wear are an extension of the self, and if I’m feeling happy and excited and overall passionate about life, I want what I wear to reflect that. It’s so easy to get caught up in what you think side-sweeping glances from the public eye means about you, but fashion is supposed to be fun.

It’s a cool feeling to be able to wake up each morning and want to dress for yourself and no one else.  Try it out sometime.



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