some thoughts on the lipliner (and why you shouldn’t be afraid to contribute)

Mary and I launched The LipLiner about a month ago.  Though I was originally on the fence about starting a blog  because of just how many people also blog (as Mary  had said, “we’re not reinventing the wheel, but that’s okay”), I couldn’t be happier with the reception we’ve received regarding the site.

More than anything, people have come up to me/messaged me/etc. and said that they’ve read posts, love posts, and wish that they could write something to contribute but simply “cannot write” or “have nothing interesting to write about.”

I won an award for a memoir I wrote…go figure.

During my junior year of college, I took a course called Craft of Memoir.  My reasons for enrolling were two-fold– one: my favorite teacher was the professor of the course, and two: I’ve always been hesitant to write about myself because I didn’t know a way that I could craft pieces about my uneventful life that people would be interested in reading.  When I expressed these concerns to my teacher, she reminded me that though it’s interesting to read about stories of extravagancy and travel (both of which I have little to comment upon), it is the so-called mundane that ends being what people can resonate with.

This class reminded me that it is an innate instinct for people to look to relate to one another in some sort of capacity.  I found this in writing my memoir.  Sure, my classmates hadn’t also gotten into the biggest fight of their elementary school experience during an after-school club called Library Helpers, but my stories inspired the “…that reminds me of the one time I…”.

I hate to hear people say that they’ve got nothing to say and no stories to tell.  We’ve each experienced the past 24 hours in a different way, and I think that’s something remarkable to pen.


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