poets welcome!

Mary and I are so excited by the amount of contributors we’ve had thus far wanting to share their stories with us here at The LipLiner.  While we eagerly are waiting to hear from more of you (remember, everyone has a story to tell!), keep in mind we’re looking for stories of any type– this means fiction, opinions, memoir, etc.  To get a more diverse creative writing train going, I’ve decided to share a poem, one I’ve titled “pomegranate”, that I wrote three years ago for the first creative writing course I took during my undergraduate career.

I’m usually pretty reserved when it comes to sharing my writing, especially poetry, but I’ve realized that I can’t request that people come out of their creative comfort zones for the sake of both conversation and catharsis, when I have not myself. So please read and feel free to enjoy, to share, and to talk writing with me!

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 1.57.46 PM.png


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