i love u, colourpop cosmetics

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become increasingly more interested in both makeup and celebrity buzz (it’s not my best quality, but bear with me). So when I heard the Kylie Jenner was launching an exclusive and personalized makeup line, naturally I was curious.

but ultimately not curious enough to purchase a $29 lip kit (which contains a liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner). I did like the look of the matte sticks, however, and decided to do some research in hopes of finding some similar products that I wouldn’t feel  guilty about buying. ($30 in makeup really cuts into my ice cream budget.)

Enter: Colourpop Cosmetics, an LA-based makeup company founded in 2014. It turns out that both Colourpop and Kylie Cosmetics are owned by Seed Beauty, and while the owners will argue that both product and formula between companies are not the same, one can not help but to compare them.

Colourpop sells their products separately, but selecting an Ultra Matte Lip will leave the shopper with the liner the lip goes with.  Typically, the lipsticks go for $6 and the pencils for $5.  The site also offers free shipping for orders that are over $30 (to put this comparatively, about three complete sets to the one Kylie Lip Kit I would’ve gotten).

Shipping was pretty quick when I ordered my products– which, because I was buying for my sister and myself, was five lipsticks and five pencils, and completely void of shipping charges.  The packaging was secure and even came with a colorful thank-you graphic.

Though I would say the product is fluid and almost sticky in the tube, it dries completely dry and stays on clean for 6+ hours.  I haven’t used lipliners much before (*insert some sort of joke about the site name*), but have realized that they really are essential in putting together a more polished look.  The liners roll up, and do not require sharpening, which I think is as innovative as it is convenient.

So long story short, I love being in the know when it comes to celebrity business voyages, but I’d prefer to not break the bank while “keeping up.” Thanks, Colourpop!

Me wearing “Avenue” gloss with “Lady” pencil, which really did make me feel like a lady.



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