the cursing gourmet branches out

Since Mary and I started The LipLiner, we’ve had lots of cool people talk to us about the site, reactions to particular posts, and even contribute ideas of their own.

One of the best things to have resulted from the site’s conception is my cousin Suzanne’s consistent postings.  I grew up following my siblings and older cousins around at Christmas parties and weddings, and now that I’m grown, I’m lucky to be able to continue to bond with my family on a more mature level about things that interest and inspire me daily.

Suzanne’s written for us about politics and the importance of setting goals for yourself, but she truly shines when she writes about cooking.  She’s honest and her diction is relatable: just because she hates cooking, doesn’t mean there are no benefits to the craft, like saving money and bringing people together.

My cousin has been such a big supporter of The LipLiner, and I’m extremely happy to support the launch of her blog, appropriately named The Cursing Gourmet. Here’s a snippet of her first blog post– “I Hate Cooking”:

Welcome to The Cursing Gourmet show! I’m your host, Suzanne, and I’m here to take you on a wild ride through the adventures of a cooking hater.

I’ve always hated cooking. Every non-foodie/non-cooking-junkie out there will agree with me when I say that cooking is a time- and life-sucking daily chore.

And I F-ing HATE chores.

And cooking is the MOTHER of all chores! Cooking(/all-things-related) takes up more time than all other chores COMBINED!

But we still have to do it, don’t we?

Ewwww! The awful truth!!

BUT… In my hate-filled cooking odyssey, I’ve come up with many useful tips and shortcuts that can benefit like-minded haters. So I decided to share them here.

Keep yourself posted on Suzanne’s misadventures via WordPress or Facebook, and make sure you continue to support the people in your life to express themselves creatively!

Myself, Bernadette, Suzanne, my mom, and Rosemary in the kitchen (where else?) at a family gathering.  Just look at that Stromboli waiting to be served! 



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2 thoughts on “the cursing gourmet branches out

  1. thecursinggourmet says:

    Awww thanks Bridge! (Blushing!!)

    Of course thank you for the social media love, and thank you for your comments about my writing – Your opinion means so much, being such a beautiful writer yourself 😊

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