my grandma is the best

My grandma has lived with my family for as long as I can remember. She actually used to live in the room that is now mine.

But during the winter months, she goes to Virginia to visit my family for the holidays. The other day, I was scrolling through Facebook and the most adorable photo of her and my cousin’s dog popped up on my newsfeed. There were so many “loves” to it and positive comments about how great my grandma is, that I was once again reminded about how lucky I am that myself and my siblings have been able to grow up with her so close (literally and figuratively) to us.

seriously, who is cuter?

When I was a toddler and she was baby-sitting for the night, she would always tuck me in. When I got scared about going to sleep without being assured that my parents were home, she’d turn her pull out couch into a bed and I’d sleep her in apartment with her. In the morning, she would watch cartoons with me until lunch—grilled cheese in the microwave was (for some reason) my favorite thing she could make me.

Throughout elementary school, my school hosted a yearly Grandparents Breakfast. On these days, I was always the first person in my class to get called to the breakfast, because I was one of the few and lucky ones whose grandparent didn’t have to travel far and wide to meet me.

When I was learning to drive, my grandma believed in me right away…even though I ended up failing my road test the first time. When I finally got my license, she let me drive her to her meetings and showed no apprehension. Her trust was implicit and immediate.

She’s been able to witness most of the major milestones during mine and my five siblings’ lives, and because she’s a lover of travel and has no qualms about planes, trains, or automobiles, she hasn’t missed out on much of the lives of my cousins’, either.

Everyday I am able to chat with my grandma, whether it is in passing about what I’m doing at work, or more in-depth around a dinner table. Her being away currently serves as a  reminder that not everyone is lucky enough to have their grandparents around for even a fraction of the time that my siblings are allowed.

She is the glue to my family, and it’s such a blessing watching her, even in her nineties, grow, travel, give love, and be surrounded by love. What more could a person aspire to have in life?


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3 thoughts on “my grandma is the best

  1. Grace Bartlett Meltzer says:

    I just fell upon your site… your grandmother, my aunt, has always been a wonderful lady. I remember as a young child being shipped to Brooklyn for a week or so in the summer….not sure how going from Long Island to Brooklyn was a vacation, but it was. The HUGE house with hidden staircases, and your Grandfather buying us REAL Italian ices after work. I was also lucky to have my Grandmother (your Great Grandmother) live in OUR house when I was growing up… Best wishes and enjoyment in your writing career. —– your cousin once removed – Grace Bartlett Meltzer (one of the LI cousins)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear Bridget, favorite grand daughter #8, you have given me such a loving thoughtful gift, I can’t thank you enough for your loving and kind words. All the precious moments you remembered have always been special to me too. Living in your home and being a part of it’s busy life has been a joy each and every day. Thank you and much love, Grandma

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