giving more than thanks this thanksgiving

During this time of the year in particular, people are focused on the people and things that make life that much better.  We are thankful that we have a roof over our heads and shoes on our feet. However, we must be aware that the things we are thankful for are often absent in the lives of others.

Being thankful for what you’ve got should also come with the realization that not everyone is as fortunate. And if you are in the position to, donate in hopes of helping just one person. If not you, who will?

This year I’m paying particular attention to this by sorting out my closet and donating my clothing , as well as donating canned goods to my local food pantry.  I’ve also been researching a lot of great charities that are always welcoming both volunteers and donations, especially this time of the year.  Below is a list of resources I encourage you all to utilize this holiday season if you’re looking to help those who do not have as much to be thankful for:

  • Feeding America: For every dollar that is donated, Feeding America is able to provide and distribute 22 meals to those in need.  If you’d prefer to make a donation in person, FE provides a food bank locater, and subsequent information on how to become a volunteer for the organization.
  • FeedingNYC: For $35/box Manhattan Mini Storage hand-delivers a box of food directly to an underprivileged family in the New York City-area.
  • Puppies Behind Bars: This program has inmates in prisons in the New York/New Jersey area train puppies who, upon completion of training, will live as service dogs for wounded veterans or as explosive detection canines for law enforcement.
  • Family Promise: This service is aimed at bringing communities together in the hopes of eradicating homelessness. Donations allow families a safe shelter, nutritious meals, and “comprehensive support necessary for a more promising future.”

I encourage you this year to consider how fortunate you are and to do some research on charities you are interested in helping.  In my research, I’ve been utilizing Charity Navigator to ensure that donations are being used as a charity’s mission statement proclaims.

Happy helping to you all!

Thanksgiving 2015.


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