something i’ve learned

If it hasn’t been clear all of my posts that are basically love notes to my friends, my chums are a huge part of my life.  Their happiness is a priority to me and I try my best each day to be a good friend to those who are in need.

IMG_2430.jpgSomething important I’ve learned over the years is that as much as you want to be there for someone, there will be times where they just will not want your help…at least not right away.   Just because you want to support someone or expel advice and wisdom until you’re blue in the face, doesn’t necessarily mean that want to hear it or are even ready to hear it.  Being a good friend to someone who doesn’t want you to work through their issue with them as soon as a problem occurs means allowing them the distance they require to sort things out for themselves while still letting them know they have support when they’re willing to lean on others.

That’s all for today, folks.  Remember to practice compassion and empathy in your relationships.  We’ve all got burdens to carry and we all carry them differently.

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