throwing a galentine’s day celebration leslie knope would be proud of

Leslie Knope was really onto something when she coined “Galentine’s Day”— that is, celebrating female friendship on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day, effectively placing a special emphasis on the important of platonic love.  Leslie is a huge proponent of female unions, and watching her give her friends self portraits that she has made out of their favorite diet soda bottles is nothing short of magical.  However, we do not need to have that level of finesse to show our lady friends that we appreciate them and are grateful for the role they play in our lives.  Here are some other routes you could consider when planning your very own Galentine’s celebration:

  1. Movie Night In: Kick it middle-school style with a sappy rom-com, lots of blankets, and good company.  Remind yourself and each other that you do not need to be dolled up (or exerting a considerable amount of energy) to enjoy one another’s presence.  Pro tip: pick a movie you’ve all seen before as you’ll inevitably end up talking over it, anyway.
  2. Coffee Date: Perhaps one of the most crucial facets in maintaining adult friendships is recognizing the idea that you and your friends are not running on coinciding schedules, and it may be hard to get together to bask in the glory of one another.  Running to your local coffee shop to catch up over a cup of joe will feel ~super adult~ and will allow you o meditate over the things that truly matter: connecting authentically with others…and French vanilla coffee.
  3. Brunch: …As if Leslie would crusade for any other means of celebration.  Alcohol + breakfast foods = lots of “I love you”s and lots of happy friends.
  4. Remote Celebrations: Some people don’t live in the same area as their best gals.  Honor your far-away friends by letting them know that they are being thought about this Galentine’s Day.  Ways to do this are simple and can include a nice phone call or text to fun letters with lots of stickers and sentimental thoughts to curating a “This Made Me Think of You” Spotify playlist (the “I made you a mixtape” for the modern era).

Huge fanfare aside, Galentine’s Day is a great way to emphasize the platonic relationships in our lives to validate the idea that we can give and receive love beyond the romantic scape.  If you’re lucky enough to have people that care for you and want what’s best for you on a consistent basis, don’t forget to remind them how lucky you are both today and always.


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