beauty review: snp face mask

I’m a sucker for a novelty item, I’ll admit it.  So when I was at Ulta perusing beauty product after beauty product and stumbled upon SNP face masks that are essentially animal masks that are good for your skin, I couldn’t say no.

The first thing I noticed when opening the Dragon Soothing Mess was how wet it is.  I know that masks are supposed to be moisturizing, but the sheet was dripping as I took it out of the packaging.  That being said, it probably shouldn’t be applied on your family room couch while you’re trying to binge-watch Friends…again.  I’d recommend staying away from any upholstery you’re not looking to moisturize.  Directions say to leave the mask on for about 20 minutes, or a little less than one episode in your Netflix marathon.  Though I felt the size of the sheet mask was a little overwhelming at first, its becoming exposed to the air made it tighter and a better fit on my face, though there was some pooling by my chin and forehead.  The moisturizing and cooling agents are immediately apparent, though, and despite the size of the mask, it held nicely to my face, even as I walked around and laughed at how ridiculous I looked.

The mask is really easy to remove and doesn’t leave a weird lotion or residue on your face. The one I bought is designated to sooth red or iritated skin, and I think that it seemed to even out a couple dry patches I usually get on my forehead. My friend, however, has more sensitive skin than I do and saw immediately irritation upon the removal of the mask.

All in all, I didn’t feel like it was something of a world of difference, nor did I feel that it did nothing for me. It’s a fun product and I get the appeal of trying them out once, but at $5.00 for a single use,  I’ll be looking for something that stretches my dollar a little further next time.


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