a metaphorical patchwork quilt

I want to thank you for your contribution, be it monumental or otherwise, to this metaphorical patchwork quilt. It seems I have become the keeper of the parts of people they have left with me, though we may have parted ways.  The collection of these instances has been subtle, and often they are mine without my realizing it.

For it is because of you certain melodies make me dance and though we sway together no longer, those chords will continue to massage my thoughts and implore my feet to move. I look back to these moments most fondly.

The construction of this quilt has been nothing if not haphazard: surely it isn’t seamless and there are a lot of tears, but it keeps me warm nonetheless.

Your initial appearance could be simply described as right, and maybe your leave was appropriately timed as well. While it’s clear that your means of operation is to forget – I see that in the way you refuse to make eye contact when small town stoplights force us to intermingle – that is something I am just not interested in.

Often, life goes on without the closure that we believe we need or deserve. And it is up to us to decide if we want to be buried by the uncertainties and the doubts and the what ifs, or attempt to move on, allowing the breeze of a door never fully closed to cool us down and to lend comfort. To provide a small sliver of light when music is hushed and our feet stop tapping.


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