a reflection on 2017 for the lipliner

2017 marks the second calendar year that we’ve blogged in.  It hasn’t been two full years since the site’s inception, but we’ll celebrate any milestone, right?

In accordance with my 2016 report to the community, I’d like to provide to you, dear reader, some statistics for 2017.  In the last year that we’ve been live, we’ve published 60 new and original pieces and featured six incredible contributing writers.  We’ve amassed almost 500 followers across our various social media platforms, and had about 5,000 individual viewers look at our site at one point in time.

Comparatively, our numbers are lower this year than they were in the last.  But I think that’s okay.  Actually.  I know that’s okay.  Writing is an act of freedom, and shouldn’t be bogged down or only created and validated by the hope of “going viral”. Rather, I am satisfied with the content of The Lipliner so long as I feel good about what is published and that my audience (no matter the size) feels something (read: anything!) when they are skimming my pieces.

I feel like I am constantly learning from up keeping this blog: I want to keep writing and maintaining it, and I want to push myself further and further out of my comfort zone when it comes to sharing some of the less fluffy and polished thoughts of mine.

Again, as the new year continues, I want to thank you for allowing us to share our thoughts, feelings, and ideas, as I encourage you to do the same.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 9.37.15 PM
LipLiner Class of 2017



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