alexis waters, queen of #hoopnation

Alexis Waters, perhaps best known (for now) as the Shark/Dolphin Girl who appeared on Season 21 of The Bachelor, greets life with boundless enthusiasm and optimism.  She’s self-assured and confident in a genuine way, which makes it easy to root for her and hope that she succeeds.  In an interview with her this month, we talked about this self-confidence, Cardi B, and the launch of her new accessory line, Hoop Nation by Alexis Waters.

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#HOOPNATION c/o Alexis Waters


The world was first introduced to Alexis when she made her appearance on The Bachelor by stepping out of a limo adorned in an aquatic animal costume and armed with a contagious spirit.  For many, the idea of putting themselves in a situation where they will be publicly scrutinized (especially in regards to love) is terrifying, but to do it in a costume essentially guaranteed to garner attention is, quite frankly, overwhelming.  However, to Alexis, this was nothing out of the ordinary.  “…when I went on the show, I had a great relationship with myself” she says.  “I was comfortable with [who I am], therefore showing up in a costume was me being my normal, goofy self. I didn’t care what people thought about me; life is A LOT easier when you don’t worry what others think…”

Of course, it’s easy to look at strong people and believe that they (as Beyoncé would say) woke up like this, rather than acknowledge that the present self is the product of continued hard work and cultivation.  People often forget this because they see “peers” on a surface level, and do not necessarily acknowledge the drive needed to achieve this sense of security.  “Once you fall in love with yourself,” Alexis advised, “I think everything else falls into place.  You have to love yourself before you [can] love anybody else.  I learned to accept [myself] flaws and all, because at the end of the day, there’s only one of you in this whole world, and you should embrace your badass self everyday.”

This affirmation bleeds into all aspects of her life.  Her self-assuredness allows her to progress authentically and vigorously towards the things that she wants.  Recently, Alexis launched her new earring line Hoop Nation by Alexis.  Her mission statement reads “…I believe that hoop earrings spice up any outfit and provides a sense of confidence. With that being said, join the movement and welcome to hoop nation.”  And in Hoop Nation, there is a place for anyone. The line’s promotional video shows the accessory’s versatility: first as Alexis appears wearing hoops in old Hollywood glam a la Marilyn, next in a more street-style J-Lo inspired number, and final in contemporary fashion wear as she struts effortlessly to Cardi B (yes!). The simple, yet timeless model of the hoop earring makes it a perfect accessory.

When asked about the inspiration for the creation of her line, Alexis answered in what people can agree is a typically light-hearted response: “…I basically have been wearing hoops since I came out of the womb, so is it creepy to say that I’m my own inspiration?”  Alexis said she wanted everyone to be a part of the movement, and so far has been pleased with the public’s reception.  After multiple rounds of selling out and restocking, she admitted that initially she was unsure of the line’s success.  “I was so scared that nobody was going to buy them and I was like ‘…this is going to be so embarrassing‘, but so many people have supported me and it means the world.”

…The world that Alexis speaks of is now essentially her canvas.  Though she says she’ll always be a Jersey girl, she is currently splitting her time between LA and Dallas — that latter of which she is especially loving lately. But when asked about which place truly felt like “home”, she put the jokes aside, and in turn asked earnestly: “Can a person be a home ? I think Tyler (my boyfriend) is my home. No matter where we are together, I feel at peace.”

Peace is an easy thing to wish for someone when they work sincerely and tirelessly work towards helping others feel the same way.

And by the way, regarding the infamous scallop fingers incident, let’s put the rumors to rest.  From Alexis herself: “…when I told a story about ‘scallop fingers’… people come for me!, saying I was a bully and a mean girl, when that’s the [furthest] thing from the truth. I legit told a story and the joke got taken way too far, but editing is out of my control. I truly never meant for it to be hurtful in any way or to hurt anybody’s feelings.”

Stay connected by following Alexis on Instagram and be sure to check out her earring line!






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