becca is over you trash talking tia (+ other thoughts on the bachelorette)

Last night, honorary members of this exclusive world known as #BachelorNation (that’s us, the viewer), tuned in once more to watch Becca navigate the turmoil and angst that (I can only assume) comes with dating multiple people at once in hopes of finding someone to propose to her on an accelerated timeline all in the public eye.

At the start of the episode, four gentlemen remain, which as tradition would have it, means that it’s time for hometowns. Becca meets the families, finds out whose mom cheated on whose dad, begins to understand the contestants’ deepest traumas and enjoys a traditional family recipe while she’s interrogated by Joe Shmoe’s youngest sister looking for her fifteen minutes. It’s all endearing, it’s all sweet, but ultimately, it’s also routine.

The real drama (tea, if you will) arises when Becca’s #GirlGang meets up with upon her return from hometowns for a morning of mimosas and gossip. Kendall, (baby) Bekah, Caroline, and Seinne are noticeably ecstatic as Becca goes through her roster of suitors. (Truly, this is less interesting to me than what happens next, so I am forgoing the details of the hometowns and the girls’ reactions – save, she thinks Jason is an amazing kisser – to continue to the more important part of this “happy” hour from hell).

As Becca begins to tell the girls of the marvelous time she had buying toys and doting in a day of philanthropy with Colton, Tia interrupts her and asks to speak with her both immediately and privately. The other girls who sit around her are visibly concerned.

Now of course we all remember when Colton told Becca around week two that he had previously dated Tia. Because the girls went through a rigorous vetting system (aka arranged a weird group date where they were all in a spa together), they were able to deduce that Colton ultimately was on this journey for Becca and not for clout. Both parties admit they do not have feelings for one another and Tia is seemingly out of the picture. Colton continues to advance; Becca’s feelings for Colton deepen.

Cue rooftop patio scene. Tia admits to Becca that she feels “sick to her stomach” when she hears her talk about Colton and when she thinks about another woman meeting his family and being a part of his world. Becca expresses her frustrations, as she had volunteered to send Colton home if Tia had wanted her to.  Following a terse conversation, an expression of interest in everyone finding love, and some Bachelor-style fanfare, Colton is sent home during the next rose ceremony. A tearful and uncomfortable Becca gives Colton no explanation and no mention of her conversation with Tia. “I feel like a terrible person,” she says. “I hate doing this to you.”

Today, one day after the airing, the Internet has not been hesitant to doll out opinions on

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 8.04.04 PM.png
gone are the hopes of the pair simply sharing the sun & not sharing men // image c/o Tia Booth via Instagram

the situation at hand. Tia is getting berated, Colton encouraged, and Becca chastised. Colton’s appearance on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise (premiering Tuesday, August 07) was announced, and fans are already gearing up for Tia and Colton’s reunion.

This afternoon, Becca took to Instagram Story to post a long note regarding the criticism her friend is facing in the wake of the episode’s premiere. She encourages others to consider their own reaction had they been made aware a friend of theirs was being publicly shamed. She writes, “Tia and I went on a tv show for the chance at love that would be portrayed to the world, but that doesn’t mean we signed up for others to make such harsh judgements based upon what is shown in only two hours and to spew hatred without actually getting to know us for who we are.” She goes on to commend Tia, calling her a “kind, strong, upfront, funny, spunky and caring woman” telling us that their friendship is one she holds dear to her.

Truly, we love a gal that can understand her friend following her heart despite the possibility of facing hardship and rejection and for acknowledging the possible reverberations and personal collateral damage, because ultimately, Becca is doing the same.

Will everyone get a happy ending? Only time will tell.


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