two less lonely girls: the podcast you never knew you needed

If you thought that your Justin Bieber obsession was buried in the back of your closet with the Bieber mosaic poster you do not have the heart to throw out, might I consider an excavation and resurgence of past love?

Enter: Two Less Lonely Girls.  Its subject matter, if you were but half socailly-cognizant in the year 2009, is implicit.  The podcast, co-hosted by stand-up comedians Rosebud Baker and Corinne Fisher, is described by the duo themselves as an “un-ironic podcast about Justin Bieber for adults.”  And while this premise seems to speak to a highly specified group of super fans, its earnest dialogue on the notion of celebrity is deeply compelling.

You’ll chuckle as you listen to the pair interview people who are also loitering outside of

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 7.58.58 PM
photo c/o @RosebudBaker via instagram

Hailey Baldwin’s building hoping to get a glimpse of the model/fiancee/perfect looking human (Episode 20: “WE KNOW WHERE U LIVE”), and find yourself strangely fascinated by the descriptions of all of Justin Bieber’s (sometimes questionable) tattoos (the content of which got two dedicated spots: Episode 04: “SEAGULL ASIAN NUMBER” and Bonus Episode: “SELENA ANGEL SAND CASTLE”).  But what will keep you listening is the humanization of a person who we, as the consumer, have created a home for in a never dimming, inescapable spotlight.


The irony of the podcast is not lost on the co-hosts, who implore their listeners to consider the feelings of a superstar as they discuss his private-made-public life.  They meditate on the idea of fame and a general public’s fascination with being privy to everyday happenings of the unattainable.  However, it’s apparent that the comedians, both of whom have careers in the entertainment industry and have amassed substantial followings themselves, can to some degree resonate with Bieber in a way most cannot and probably will never have to. (…And as the delve into the depravity of privacy and normalcy that a celebrity endures, would probably not want to).

The weekly podcast is 26 episodes in; Baker and Fisher have long since mastered their rapport.  Each episode seamlessly blends celebrity sightings with lyric dissection, personal anecdotes, astrological reckonings, and randomly placed “research breaks.”  We hear from those who are a part of this world by proxy: street journalist and former TMZ reporter Adam Glyn, who delivers insight on Justin’s whereabouts, even beyond his interview episode, plus Justin’s pastor and mother through the co-hosts virtual exchanges with each of them.  Carl Lentz and Pattie Mallet haven’t been on the podcast just yet, but #NeverSayNever, right?

With a new episode of “Two Less Lonely Girls” released each Monday, the “Sunday Scaries*” are officially a thing of the past.  Both Rosebud Baker and Corinne Fisher post real-time updates about life brought into the podcast, so be sure to follow them to keep up!


*PS. Hi Corinne if you actually read this, I feel like you probably think “Sunday Scaries” is a stupid phrase, and I agree,  but it was just quippy enough to keep in.




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