the story of a logo

So if you’ve glanced at our website even once, you would have noticed that not only do we have a super cool, easy-to-navigate homepage (thanks, Mary!), we’ve also got a pretty dope logo.  I gave her a shoutout on Facebook when we first went live, but I wanted to take another opportunity to thank Carly for her creative genius.

IMG_0025Because of a mutual friend (Hi, Kearnsy!), Carly and I were first acquainted by name only our senior year of high school, but didn’t really become friends until our senior year of college when we both landed the same internship in New York City. We got to do a lot of cool stuff together during our last semester of college, including working an event that brought us (almost) face-to-face with Steve Madden, courtesy of CollegeFashionista. Peep the image to your left, readers.  I was starstruck.

After the internship ended, Carly and I stayed friends– passing time by talking about the photos and accounts we like on Instagram, graduation, and of course, what we’re doing with the rest of our lives.  Carly is a lot more tech-savvy than I, so when I approached her about designing the logo for a site that was only in its beginning stages, I was not surprised when she said yes.  What did surprise me was just how quickly Carly was able to churn out the image for me.  To give you an idea of what she had to work with, I present to you the “sketch” I sent her with a very basic idea of what Mary and I had discussed, followed by the image that she sent back to me (no joke) twenty minutes later, and then the final design you all swoon over every time you log on:


Long story short: this girl has talent to boot, and I wanted to give her the credit she deserves.  Make sure you show her some luv by checking out her website,, or drooling over her stellar Instagram feed.


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