we’ve got a lot to learn from little kids

The past two days were spent on the beaches of New Jersey with two of my closest friends. Towards the end of the night we decided to take a walk on the boardwalk and go on some of the rides.  I’ve grown up on family vacations to amusement parks and have always looked forward to going on rollercoasters and rides that left me upside down.

…Not this time.  After only a couple rides I felt nauseous and ready to call it a night.  (Am I getting old?)  So when we went on a ride that spun me in circles while also throwing me back and forth (and back and forth again), I couldn’t help but to scream…a lot.  There was a little girl sitting next to me who clearly was unimpressed…I know this for sure because she said it multiple times throughout the duration of the ride. “Booooooooring,” she said, and she put her hand on her cheek and leaned forward.

my cute friends being cute before we screamed our hearts out.

When the ride was over, she turned to me and said that she wasn’t scared at all that entire time.  The rest of the conversation is as follows:

Bridget: *probably green in the face* You weren’t scared at all? I thought I was going to  be sick.

Fearless Girl: I’m scared of nothing and I’m only seven!

B: How did you get to be scared of nothing?

FG: Well…one time my mom cut a wart off my foot with a knife.


……Sorry what? At that point I had to stifle my laughter.  These two things had nothing to do with one another and are also two totally different gauges of both fear and pain, but in that girl’s mind it was as simple as that.  She didn’t want to be afraid, so she wasn’t.

I want to point out that I wasn’t deathly afraid of going on those boardwalk rides, but that girl left me thinking.  Fear was such a black and white thing to her.  Because she had encountered something she had deemed worse, anything that could even be considered scary was met with zero trepidation.  I know that when I am apprehensive to try something scary (scary because it is new, because it is unknown, etc), I tend to psych myself out, but I like this girl’s thinking.  It’s not a knife to the foot, so how bad could it be, right?

…I don’t know.  Little kids have a way of seeing things so simply yet with razor sharp perspective.  It made me want to talk foreign policy with her or something.


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