let’s daydream

Today’s Monday just really feels like a Monday.  I’m tired and the day has barely begun for me.  I don’t want to focus on the fact that I have to be at work in 45 minutes, or on this blog post for that matter.  No, my mind is focused on days where I wasn’t eye-level with a computer screen all day.  Let’s travel back…

Point Pleasant, NJ // Where ocean waves meet creativity. 


Ithaca, NY // A day full of finding hidden treasures like this one.
Kadampa Meditation Center, Glen Spey, NY // Some friends and I went to check out the gorgeous architecture and ended up being invited to lunch by the monks who live and practice there.  It was a day of enlightening conversation and welcoming.


Palace of Versailles, France // As gorgeous as the interior is, the exterior is even more amazing.  What was better was joviality and cheerfulness that was spread throughout the crowd as we all waited hours (and hours) to get inside.


Where do you travel when your mind wanders?


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2 thoughts on “let’s daydream

  1. Carlo says:

    I often lose myself thinking about the future, where I will take me the way I started, hoping to have made the right choices. Damn monday

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