kindness is cool

When I was at work two days ago, I went up to a table of two women whom I had never seen before. After introducing myself and grabbing their drinks, I returned to ask them if they were ready to order. One of the women looked up and told me no, but then proceeded to reach into her bag and pull out three beaded bracelets that were similar to the two I was already wearing. “These match the ones you’re wearing and I had them in the bottom of my bag. I never wear them so now they’re yours.”

Following this, the two ladies had a nice meal, a couple desserts, and ample conversation. The woman that gave me the bracelet was nice and courteous the entire time, and much to my surprise, didn’t hint at a desire to get a discounted meal or free drinks because she did something nice. No, she simply did the kind thing because she saw that she had something that she assumed I’d appreciate and acted upon this thought.

Being nice is all well and good, but often it isn’t enough if there’s a desire to be recognized for being nice hidden in it.  I’m touched by the selflessness of this act and want to remember it going forward.




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