september mood board ✌

So as is quite apparent, summer has left us almost as quickly as it had arrived.  I’ve got lots I’d like to accomplish in the following months: read the stack of books I picked up recently, self-publish a book of poems I’ve been working on (anybody a good doodler? I need one of those…), and maybe just maybe get around to cleaning my room.

Something that I had always liked at my previous internship was the monthly mood board they created and distributed.  Because I love the idea of a mantra to subscribe to throughout the duration of the month, I’ve chosen to create my own mood board.  September for me is going to be celebratory: commemorating the happiness experienced in summer months (as opposed to mourning what is no longer) and carrying this joviality into the upcoming times.

So, without further ado, I present to you my September mood board.  What’s yours looking like?

BeFunky Collage



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