parabo press: a review

I’ve noticed a trend amongst cellphone users lately: oftentimes people express frustration in the fact that they have so many great pictures that they never do anything with after dumping them on their computer or Facebook.

I found out about Parabo on the discover page on Instagram one day, and was immediately drawn to the size, shape, and color of the square prints being displayed.  I, like the person whose post I had seen, take a certain pride in the content that I post on my Instagram, and thought this was a cool way to display my digital photos…you know, not digitally.

So I went to the site to see what kind of services it had to offer.  (Note: I did this because I upload all my pictures onto my computer semi-religiously, but Parabo has an app you can navigate straight from your phone.) As a self-proclaimed “print service for design-mided photo takers”, I was super into what the company serviced. Not only do they offer engineer prints, but users can also design calendars and books of the hard and soft cover variety.

But my first order was the square prints, usually a 25-count of 4″ prints for (only) $16, but because it was my first order, I employed the code “FIRST” and received the prints for free! The site is easy to navigate and super user-friendly, allowing you to shirt, zoom, and rotate your photos (landscape do work better than portrait because of the square framing) and comes with three delivery options, based of course, on how quickly you want to receive your order.

…And when you do receive the order, you’ll be nothing but pleased.  The prints are packaged in a cardboard setting as well as a thick, ziplock packaging, so there was absolutely no wear-and-tear.  They are printed on a thick, card-stock feeling paper, and are matted.  Photos do not get stretched, blurred, and altered in any way.

I’m displaying mine on a wall above my bed! Get to ordering and show me yours!



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