a short anecdote to tell you we’re all learning

Happy Monday, everybody! To help you ease into the new week, today I present to you a nice, short ditty.  I’ll cut the preamble and get right to the part I want you to remember:

A couple of days ago I was training someone at work, and throughout the duration of the shift, she hit me with a lot of questions about working in this particular restaurant.  All of the ideas she brought up were questions I had once had about working in this particular space when I had just started working there (almost four years ago, yikes) that I virtually never thought about…at least, not in any sort of recent memory.

This really got me thinking that it’s possible to take the information we carry for granted, and that not everyone is versed in the same things we are. There is always going to be a point between not knowing and knowing. (Obviously I’m now talking about a grander scheme and not just the restaurant biz…but it’s applicable). We are not born knowing all there is to know, and often need the conversation and intelligence of our peers to help us understand the world around us.  We  have to help those in our lives bridge the gap between those two spaces (from ignorance to illumination) on whatever the issue may be–even if it is something as small as where you can go to get extra plastic cups when you don’t see any in their designated spot.

Help each other out but sharing what you know, especially if it’s something that can then be passed on again.

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 1.30.36 AM.png
Knowledge doesn’t have to stop growing…unlike my mom’s plant here.


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