good things happen on mondays, too

Mondays often get a bad rep, as they typically represent the death of the weekend and the start of yet another work week at the same dang time.  But you can’t live life waiting for the next day off, for the next weekend, for the next not Monday, because it reduces the amount of  time in which one is able to enjoy the present.  Instead of waiting and wishing the time we have away, why not find the good in the Mondays too?

Today I present to you a challenge: take time to recognize the good that has happened in this day, even the little things…no, especially in the little things.  Because you’ll find that even though it’s Monday and even though Dunkin’ Donuts got your coffee order wrong (again), there are still happenings worth celebrating.

Check back with me on Wednesday to see a list of experiences I had today worth noting, and feel free to share with me what got you out of your Monday blues!

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”



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