yet another story about work

If you were to take a gander at any of my posts, you would see that I write a lot about instances that happen at my job, primarily because it’s where I spend the majority of my time.

Whilst* working the other day, a table of three generations (grandmother, mother, daughter) sat down on our deck outside.  They ordered some drinks and appetizers, and as I was grabbing those things, the mother came up to me and asked if they could move inside.  She was super sweet and apologetic, saying they saw a bee and that her mother was terribly allergic, and was then extremely grateful when I said it wasn’t a big deal to switch tables.  (To be fair, it wasn’t a big deal to move from one room to the other at all.)  Once situated, the ladies had a lovely meal.  They were thrilled with the way the food came out and seemed to have a conversation chock-full of laughter.

When it was time for them to leave, the mother again came up to me, telling me that not long ago, her brother had passed away unexpectedly, and to have me as their waitress was a bright spot on their day.

Note to self: ultimately people are going to find comfort in whatever outlet they see fit and whether you realize it or not, their solace may be found in your actions.

Though the way I had behaved on this particular day was not, I feel, out of the ordinary for being at work, I was made aware of how far a kind presence can go, especially for the people who need it the most and who are looking for it.

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 5.54.25 PM.png


*My Practical Grammar professor said I sound snobby when I use the word “whilst”, but I shall continue to do so anyway.

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