if it’s not FBO…

As much as I love a good preamble (read anything I’ve ever written, ever), for today’s post I shall cut straight to the chase because I have to be at work in an hour and really heavily procrastinated this post.

Last weekend I met up with a couple friends after work.  We had some drinks, spent lots of money on music (“In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins is always our first play), and enjoyed a spirited debate about the best moments of The Office.  Our attention was then diverted to a couple fighting at the bar a couple feet away from us, who were asking people their opinion on the issue they were having.  The woman was upset because the man didn’t think it was necessary to divulge their relationship status on Facebook, which made the woman feel like the man was either embarrassed of her, or cheating on her.  (If this sounds familiar, it’s because there’s a track on Frank Ocean’s album that outlines a very similar situation.  Blonde forever.)

Of course I’m not a part of their relationship and know only what the pair chose to reveal  (incredibly loudly) through that one conversation.  However, it got me thinking that yes, the internet is a huge part of people’s lives and we rely on it a lot (who is going to read my ramblings otherwise?), but choosing not to disclose something on the internet does not mean that it isn’t real or that it isn’t important. This speaks not only to relationships, but any obstacle or instance in which people approach in their own lives.

People don’t have to be privy to each of your moments digitally to have them matter realistically.  I understand that there is plenty of overlap between the two, but it’s also important to recognize a distinction.

not (yet) FBO


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