looking to yourself

During my last semester of college, I had the opportunity to attend a conference with shoe designer / business mogul Steve Madden.

It was a great event and I learned a lot about Steve that day: how much he loves rap and how closely The Wolf of Wall Street mirrors his actual life.  Perhaps the biggest takeaway of the day was Steve talking about the importance of a good work ethic, and how that matters only second to an insane amount of perseverance.  After saying this, he reminded the audience that he didn’t wake up one day to find himself as Steve Madden the brand, rather it was something that was years in the making and the product of continued handwork and cultivation.  People often forget this because they only see the continued success and not necessarily the drive that was needed to achieve.

I think about that sentiment a lot.  I know that as I am applying for jobs and even as I’m img_2267working on this blog, it’s so easy to compare myself to people I admire who have already accomplished more than I have.  It’s not as easy to then take a step back and remember
that people have to work for the things they want, and no one is born successful (…except maybe, like, BlueIvy because I’m buying whatever she’s selling).

So maybe this doesn’t resonate with you right now, but just remember that we’re all learning and growing and striving to become better versions of ourselves, and this progress isn’t simultaneous.  Be patient with yourself and try not to forget that all the planning and working will eventually be worth it.


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