on my beauty radar: ANC nails

I work in a restaurant and am always very conscious of the way my hands look because my job requires me to be in front of people almost exclusively.  On top of that, I think that my nails being done makes it look like my life is coming together seamlessly, and maybe through this perception, I can will it to life.

The last couple times I’ve gotten a manicure, I’ve done so through a process my friend introduced to me: the ANC Manicure.  (Hey, thanks Jul!) ANC stands for Amazing Nail Concepts.  The process gives customers a clean and beautiful acrylic nail job without using a UV lamp.  If you want to learn more about the technical process, I’ve liked the host site above, but I will now go on to detail the manicure in the most basic terms…because that’s the only way I can understand it.  Basically, after selecting a color, the manicurist dips your finger in a little vial of powder that is that color.  They then tap off the excess powder, brush over it with what looks like a clear coat of polish, and repeat the process four or five more times.

the results are in (please ignore how stubby my fingers are, thanks)

In the end you have a solid manicure that did not have to dry using a UV light or electric fan.  Truthfully, I’m still baffled by the process, but I love the results.  The price is comparable to a regular gel manicure, and does not chip or break.  I waited nearly a month before going to get my nails done again.  The branded was founded in 2011, and because of its seemingly limited availability, it could be considered a relatively new process, but if you go to the company’s website, there is a search tool that allows you to find a salon (kind of) near you that uses these products.  For me personally, the fact that the nails do not chip despite the fact that I am active at work and often in and out of sinks washing a great deal of glasses makes the 25 minute drive to get to the salon well worth it.  I also feel that my nails remained stronger,  healthier, and not at all brittle between the first color being removed and the second color being applied.  It’s definitely a process I recommend at least trying!


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