balancing life + me

Hey there, folks.  It’s been awhile, and I’m sure you’ve desperately missed mine and Mary’s ramblings taking up your Facebook feed.  (Even if you haven’t, please pretend for my sake that you have).

As of late, I’ve realized that there is never going to be a time in which I have it completely figured out: where there seems to be enough hours in a day to get everything done that I need to, to see all the people I want to, and still have some time left over to get a full night’s rest.  As a whole, it’s not particularly overwhelming though sometimes it certainly can be.  In fact, I’d like to think I have a good routine going because I’m very conscious of the way I manage time.  Presently, I’m working a lot — anywhere from 35-45 hours at my part-time job, and an additional 25 at an internship I currently have.  The positions are vastly different and I love them each for that.  Mentioning the hours is not a complaint either: I love long days and even longer work weeks. Working a lot has never been a bother to me.  That being said, this current situation has left me little free time, and when I do have a free moment or two, I often use it to take a power nap in between jobs or to shuffle the piles around in my room to make it seem like I’ve (finally) done some cleaning.  I haven’t nailed down my routine to the point where I can still have ample time to read and write.  It’s very cyclic: I’ll get into a pattern of writing and feel great about it (not because it’s particular good or moving writing, because it usually isn’t, but because it is writing) and feel great.  But when life gets in the way (because life always gets in the way) and I don’t write for awhile, it weighs heavy on me.  Being a writer is key to my identity, and when I realize it’s been too long since I’ve last done it, I feel like I am not only wasting my abilities, but questioning that part of me (…no need to question how dramatic I am though).

Again, I don’t think that there’s every going to be a time where I have everything scheduled down to the minute; a perfect routine of wake up-eat-work-write-work again-sleep.  And that’s okay!! There’s too many variables working at any given moment to have a routine solidified like that, at least for right now.  But we (I really mean I, but if you find this applicable for you too, by all means keep the “we” right in there) have to always make a valiant effort to practice/enjoy/take part in/listen to/watch that thing that makes us feel wholly unique and inspired.

To conclude, I present to you a sweet and applicable doodle from new favorite Instagram account, @scribblesbynicole.  Feel free to share with me how you balance what you have to do with what you want to do in your own life.  And if you don’t know how to, we’ll figure it out together!

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 1.56.13 PM


Until next time,






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