this is me making a promise to not hit snooze every morning

The most successful people I see are not those who very obviously forgot to iron their shirt in the morning or the ones with sleep still in their eyes during their lunch break (…guilty as charged).  Rather, it’s the people you can look at and just know they have a cemented morning routine that allows them to put their best foot forward in the morning, every single morning.

I’m writing this in hopes that it will pose as somewhat of a contract with myself — maybe if there’s a published piece out in the world I’ll feel some sort of responsibility in honoring it.  I’ll admit it: sometimes I stay up too late watching How I Met Your Mother reruns, and while I don’t realize it as it’s happening, the course of action for the following morning is being set.  Sure, I giggle at my computer screen then, but I’m doing anything but when I feel myself crashing at my desk before 3 p.m.  Not only will having a poor morning routine affect you during the work day, but when you punch out as well.  There is little life in napping right after you get home from work, only to wake up to stay up late again.  As I break this vicious cycle, I encourage you to do the same by following this list of suggestions of what (I think) successful people (probably) do in the morning:
  • Get up with your first alarm.  Do not hit snooze.  Just don’t do it.  You don’t want to start your day ten minutes behind.
  • Stretch / do a quick yoga flow.  If you slept weird, sitting at a desk / being on your
    lots of coffee for a good morning is a given

    feet / any type of work for an extended period of time is not going to heal you.

  • Put on an outfit that you feel confident in.  My clothing choices are absolutely a reflection of the self, and I always feel like my best work is done when I feel good about myself.  (Bonus points if you plan this outfit the night before and are not tearing your closet apart in the morning).
  • Eat something. I’m not going to pretend I sit down and have a big breakfast each morning, but I usually make sure I eat some fruit and an egg during my commute / once I get to work.
  • Listen to some music that makes you happy.  My commute to work is 40 minutes, so I make sure that I’m utilizing that time as best I can — I catch up on podcasts, listen to my favorite stand-up albums, and sing my favorite songs.  I find that this energizes me and puts me in a position where I’m ready to work all day.
What do you do to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward in the morning?  I could use all the help I can get.

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