a revisit with a modest marvel

In an effort to make my online presence as a writer a bit more cohesive, I will be taking pieces of mine published on various platforms and adding them to my LipLiner portfolio.  Next up is a piece originally published for CollegeFashionista in February 2016 — “STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: A Modest Marvel”.  Enjoy!  

Each morning, this Fashionista adorns her outfits with a hijab—a garment that covers her head and chest, which Muslim women typically begin wearing when nearing adulthood. To wear a hijab is not only an individual choice that each woman makes but also one that this particular Fashionista finds empowering.

Dressing modestly is not  synonymous with drab or unflattering, something quite apparent with this Fashionista’s getup. Because the suit itself is one color only and has no lace or additional trimming, this Fashionista’s black jumpsuit (which our savvy shopper snagged at Macy’s for only $12!) is simple and chic and serves as a great base for the embellishment she adds to her outfits. Her long printed cardigan with its black and white pattern is a perfect complement to the monochromatic jumpsuit. The length of the cardigan gives this outfit a layered, multi-textured and fresh appearance.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 3.44.20 PM
shining from head to toe

The basis of this Fashionista’s outfit is relatively simple, and it is in her adornments that allow her outfit to pop from head to toe (literally!). The beautiful color of this Fashionista’s hijab is a rich and eye-catching; it is the perfect standout against the otherwise muted palette.  Continuing with the theme of funky layering techniques, a grand statement piece rests on top of her hijab. Her sparkly heels are fun and dazzling and balance the sparkle from the necklace on the top half of the outfit.

In a world where people assume that wearing a hijab is repressive, it is important to give visibility to Fashionistas like this one: women who are able to simultaneously honor their faith and still indulge in an interest in fashion. Modesty and high fashion are not mutually exclusive.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I typically stick to neutral colors when it comes to my wardrobe. To compensate, I like to let my hijab, shoes and accessories do the talking. Bright splashes of color and interesting textures are the best parts of a great outfit. Above all else, however, I choose to wear what it is most comfortable for me. I feel most feminine and confident when I’m not squirming in itchy tight clothing. When it comes to feeling your best in an outfit, there is no substitute like comfort.”


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