to you: the one who feels stuck

It’s a peculiar feeling to look ahead and see so many unlived days yet simultaneously believe there isn’t enough time to greet those days wholly.

Not enough time to pause and wonder why this current reality is one that cannot be diverged from – a perception rooted in belief that being unhappy in what is known is better than embracing the discomfort of uncertainty, if only for a moment.

Not enough time to slowly guide your feet out of those cinderblocks you thought you were cemented into (they have been a part of you for quite some time; you’ve long forgotten where the coarseness ends and the soft and true part of you begins).  All it really takes is a slight tremor for the foundation to split and crumble, setting you free.  Your feet may remain unclean as you forge a new path, but this dust will disperse slowly. You won’t notice it as it leaves you.

Recognize the vastness of the world around you and open yourself  to it. Feel your bones crack as you spread your arms wider than you’ve ever remembered doing.  This moment had dulled itself in the corner of your mind long ago; call it towards the light. Welcome yourself home.



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