festival fashion basics from a not so festival basic

Before I went to Firefly Music Festival, my good friend Alexa told me she could not wait for me to have the experience because as a seasoned festival-goer, she has not found a place that makes her feel more self-assured and at peace.  Alexa has a vested interest in this scene and I wanted to get a better understanding of what this lifestyle meant to her — the people, the clothing, the music, the community, and how they’re all interconnected.

The LipLiner: First, to save the uninformed from Googling, how would you define a festival or a rave? What are they to you?
Alexa Vetrano: 
I feel when you’re at more mainstream events, you get the kids who go just to say they went to a “rave”. When I’m at festivals, I always feel like I’m at home. I’m accepted for who I am and no one is there to judge. Everyone loves each other for who they really are and that’s exactly why I love the scene so much. There’s no having to fit in because weird is the norm.

TLL: What is your go-to concert attire? Is it  pretty standard or will it be determined by the type of music or a specific artist?
For small shows, it’s always leggings and a big tee or even just a big tee with Converse or my Minnetonka fringe boots. It’s what I’m most comfortable in. No one wants to be uncomfortable while in a small crowded space getting down with a bunch of people.

As for festivals, I tend to switch it up a bit. Big tees are still a must when I know I have a day filled with super hard music and I just want to be comfortable. Crochet tops have become an essential as well, paired with either leggings or flowy shorts. My outfit ideas just come to me and I’ll wear whatever looks good on me and what I feel most comfortable in. I do pick my outfits according to who’s playing, just because I wouldn’t want to be in a skirt when I have to run from stage to stage to catch different artists.

TLL: Is there a pressure to “dress the part?” Is your outfit an important component of the entire experience?
Yes and no: obviously want to be comfortable to enjoy your time, but you can wear whatever the hell YOU want to.  Nothing’s ever played out because a festival is about expressing yourself. If you want to dress naked, dress naked. What matters the most is expressing yourself and loving what you love.

Electric Forest 2017. Image c/o Alexa Vetrano

TLL: Where do you go to score your pieces?
AV: Etsy’s been my life saver, all are handmade pieces and they’re always so beautiful.

TLL: What are five things you can’t forget to bring to a festival this summer?


1. Glitter, most importantly.
2. I use a cute little leather backpack to hold my stuff; it’s an awesome accessory as well as it being a storage space for the day.
3. One of those new knock off Polaroid cameras everyone’s using these days.
4. Make sure there’s room on your phone for videos!!
5. Good vibes- leave all the bullshit home for the weekend, seriously.

Here is one of Alexa’s favorite sets so you can get into her head and get a feel for what it’s like boppin’ around with the cool festival kids.  Enjoy!



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